Power Control Center : Compact, Reliable and User-Friendly

Power Control Center is considered to be the heart of an electrical system in any industry. Therefore it shall offer users long term reliability, safety, low maintenance & testing time.
Siemens 8PU efficiently meets these requirements with 8PUL4.5/T3.5 Power Control Centers.
8PU L4/ T3 family of PCCs are compartmentalized, switchboard panels housing state-of-the-art Siemens make ‘Drawout ACBs’, ‘MCCBs’ and ‘Switch Disconnector Fuse’.

These are available in a wide range (from 630A to 6300 A) to match every user’s requirement.

Benefits at a glance

Compact, safe and reliable

  • Type tested assemblies offering highest reliability.
  • Test and disconnected position with door closed for safety.
  • For every rated current range, optimum connection conditions for cables and busbars.
  • Separate function compartments consisting of a switching device, auxiliary equipment and a cable connection compartment for safety.

User friendly

  • Free choice of the supply direction without any sacrifices in terms of technical specifications.
  • High short-time current carrying capacity for time-graded short-circuit protection (up to 500ms) assures reliable operation of the switchboard without being affected by short-circuit.
  • Indication & operation in the door closed condition.
  • Enhanced communication system

Power Control Center

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